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Humidity And The Effects

Rain on window

Humidity Guide

Relative Humidity


  • Tuning instability
  • Rattling keys
  • Cracked soundboard
  • Slipping tuning pins
  • Dry chapped lips (humans)
  • Dry skin (humans too)


  • Piano's and people are pretty happy here.


  • Tuning instability
  • Sticking keys
  • Sluggish action
  • Rusty strings & tuning pins
  • Sticky feeling (humans)
  • Sweat comes easy (humans)


Woman plays piano

Things To Help Control Humidity

  • Humidistat to keep watch on humidity levels.
  • Use dehumidifier or humidifier in the room where the piano is located.
  • Install climate control system in the piano itself.
  • Purchase or make string cover to help keep humidity from settling on the strings.
  • Wipe strings with clean, dry cloth on a regular basis.
  • Keep the piano completely closed when not playing.
  • Avoid opening windows when the outside humidity is higher than 55%.
  • Air conditioning will help.
  • Use a piano cover (covers whole instrument) when it is not in use.
  • Locate piano away from heating sources in th