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Restoring (rebuilding) and Reconditioning   

Since 1991

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Piano Technicians Guild Definitions

A used piano that has been disassembled, inspected, and repaired as necessary with replacement of all worn or deteriorated parts, re-assembled, tested, and approved to at least the same tolerances as a new piano of like manufacture.

A used piano that has been put back in good condition by cleaning, repairing and adjusting for maximum performance with replacement parts where specifically indicated.

Fixing an Old Piano


  • A cherished family piano is much improved
  • Currently excellent replacement parts are available
  • A beautiful looking piano is now an instrument again
  • A well made instrument is once again usable
  • Your piano case is much more appealing
  • A lesser quality piano might be improved
  • You can change the color to your liking
  • You will have a like new piano for a fraction of the cost of a new one of the same make


  • Many older pianos are not designed well
  • A newer piano may be a better option
  • Some parts can be unavailable
  • What you end up with can be unpredictable
  • Only doing partial restoration is not a good option
  • Pre 1900 pianos might be difficult or impossible to bring to modern piano standards
  • Generally the restoration investment is the value of the piano
  • It's very costly to properly restore a piano

The Reconditioned Option

The Details

  • You will not have a like new piano afterwords
  • It's similar to cleaning your car and giving it a tune up with fluid replacements, new tires and some new parts.
  • It's a good idea for most pianos in fairly good condition
  • It's not an option for an old piano that is in need of total restoration
  • It is what many home pianos need
  • For pianos 30 years old or less it may be an excellent option
  • For quality pianos this should be a regular maintenance
  • The cost is not as much as restoration but usually fairly expensive. Think of the above car illustration
  • The cost varies greatly and is very unique to each piano. An inspection would be necessary and could be done on a tuning visit

Main Sections of a Complete Restoration (Rebuilt)      

Parts  Section  Cost $ 
Soundbord repair, repair bridges, plate refinish, new strings and tuning  pins, new wood pinblock, new dampers, new plate felt, plate detailing, hardware clean, polish or replace.  Belly 9,000-14,000 
Above work with soundboard replacement and new bridge caps instead of repair  Belly 13,000-20,000 
All parts for keys and dampers (see diagram below) replace or repair Key Action, Damper Action 12,000-15,000
Replace - hammers, shanks and flanges, regulate tune & voice Case 4,000-6,000 
Repair and replace as needed - foot pedals, levers, rods, pivots, metal, felt and leather Lyre and Trapwork 500-1,200
Refinish - outer rim, lid and prop, legs, fallboard, music desk, keyslip, clean and polish hardware, replace felt and rubber. Case 7,500-18,000 

grand action

Other parts included in the key action

  • Keytops
  • Key bushing front and center
  • Key pins front and center
  • Key frame
  • Key frame felt and paper
  • Key buttons
  • Key shoes
  • Key weights
  • Center rail key hole
  • Key mortices
  • Action screws
  • Left stop block and felt
  • Shift stop screw

Other parts included in the damper system

  • Damper heads
  • Damper wires
  • Damper guide rail and bushings
  • Damper pivot blocks
  • Sostenuto rail and brackets 

Resorations Gallery

Baldwin 51728style Brambach 2012 bridge cap
center pin to knuckle
soundboard soundboard Steinway O Rogers unison
broken agraffe help Baldwin 51728 cracked bridge bridge cap Bosendorfer 200