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Restoring (rebuilding) and Reconditioning   

Since 1991

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Piano Technicians Guild Definitions

A used piano that has been disassembled, inspected, and repaired as necessary with replacement of all worn or deteriorated parts, re-assembled, tested, and approved to at least the same tolerances as a new piano of like manufacture.

A used piano that has been put back in good condition by cleaning, repairing and adjusting for maximum performance with replacement parts where specifically indicated.

Main Sections of the Piano with cost ranges

Parts  Section  Cost $ 
Soundbord repair, repair bridges, plate refinish, new strings and tuning  pins, new wood pinblock, new dampers, new plate felt, plate detailing, hardware clean, polish or replace.  Belly 9,000-14,000 
Above work with soundboard replacement and new bridge caps instead of repair  Belly 13,000-20,000 
All parts for keys and dampers (see diagram below) replace or repair Key Action, Damper Action 12,000-15,000
Replace - hammers, shanks and flanges, regulate tune & voice Case 4,000-6,000 
Repair and replace as needed - foot pedals, levers, rods, pivots, metal, felt and leather Lyre and Trapwork 500-1,200
Refinish - outer rim, lid and prop, legs, fallboard, music desk, keyslip, clean and polish hardware, replace felt and rubber. Case 7,500-18,000 

grand action

Other parts included in the key action

  • Keytops
  • Key bushing front and center
  • Key pins front and center
  • Key frame
  • Key frame felt and paper
  • Key buttons
  • Key shoes
  • Key weights
  • Center rail key hole
  • Key mortices
  • Action screws
  • Left stop block and felt
  • Shift stop screw

Other parts included in the damper system

  • Damper heads
  • Damper wires
  • Damper guide rail and bushings
  • Damper pivot blocks
  • Sostenuto rail and brackets 

Resorations Gallery

Baldwin 51728style Brambach 2012 bridge cap
center pin to knuckle
soundboard soundboard Steinway O Rogers unison
broken agraffe help Baldwin 51728 cracked bridge bridge cap Bosendorfer 200