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QRS Player Piano System 

Installining player systems since 1991

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QRS on a Kawai Crystal

QRS Player Upgrade Kit

  • Can be installed on most systems
  • Includes entire QRS library for one year
  • Extends warranty on a QRS system
  • Connects to home WIFI
  • Controlled from any WIFI device
  • Works on certain PianoDisc systems
  • Works on certain Disklavier systems
  • Works on older QRS systems
  • Can be installed at piano location
  • Includes one year parts warranty


We are pleased to offer the QRS PNO3 player system. Cost $8,700 + tax. Includes; parts, labor and 2 regular moves to shop and back.    

This state of the art technology allows control from any wifi device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Add PIANOmation features to your existing MIDI capable player system with a QRS upgrade kit. Cost $3,800. Includes service call, installation and tuning.

The latest QRS technology is compatible with many voice activated controllers.

QRS solenoid


Berg Piano Services has been installing piano player systems since 1991. To date we have installed over 450 systems including QRS, PianoDisc and Concertmaster. Presently we only install and do limited service on QRS player systems